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News of our kennel Year 2016, February

Black Russian Terrier



Ukraine, Kiev, 27-28 February 2016
All breeds Dog Show
"Cup of AKANA" & "Cup of ESPRI"

Judge in the ring Sergei Slukin (Ukraine) и Alfredo Alessandri (Italy)


Four dogs were presented from our kennel - 2 adults, puppy and baby.


BRT Sokrovisha Zemli Russkoy Agat

Sokrovisha Zemli Russkoy Agat


"Cup of ESPRI"

Class: Intermedia males

Rated: «Excellent», I place CAC, BOS, BOB

There was a debut on the Ukrainian exhibitions of our Siberian - Sokrovisha Zemli Russkoy Agat.

The boy was a little confused on the first day but the second day realized that it is required and pleased us with a gorgeous result:

Best male of breed, Best of breed!

Clever! Keep it up!

Thank you so much for our boy to our breeder, our mom and our dad!

Thank you for your support and faith in us and Agat!


BRT Prints Naslednyiy Sokrovische Rusi

Prints Naslednyiy Sokrovische Rusi


Class: Opened males

Rated: «Excellent», II place, R.CAC

    «Excellent», I place, CAC


At these shows has closed a title
Champion of Ukraine!


BRT Russkij Medved` Admiral

Russkij Medved` Admiral


Class: Бэби кобели

At both exhibitions

Rated: «Very promising», I place, Best Baby

Best Baby of Breed!


Our kids have pleased us immensely!


Черный Терьер Uilfred Urs Blek Sokrovische Rusi

Uilfred Urs Blek Sokrovische Rusi


Class: Puppy males

At both exhibitions

Rated: «Very promising», I place, Best Puppy

Best Puppy of Breed!


Kids strive!

Very good!

And in spite of the exhibition marathon, they behaved very well and showed their highest potential!


Congratulations from all our heart pets and their owners! You are all great lads!
Thanks to all our owners for their love and team spirit!
The team of our kennel was very large and friendly!
Thanks to everyone who supported us and sincerely happy our victories!




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