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Welcome to our Kennel!

Our dogs live in many countries of the world: Ukraine, Russia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Scotland, Poland, Croatia, Israel, Egypt, South Africa, USA, Germany, Finland, Moldova, Philippines, Thailand.

In his professional activity our monobreed kennel adheres to the principle of line breeding, based on the consolidation and improvement of the best qualities of the founders of our breed: strong nervous system, excellent working qualities, physical health..

Particular attention is paid to the exterior, health and working quality of the resulting offspring

We actively participate in exhibitions – our puppies, juniors and adult dogs you may view at the exhibitions of the regional and international show.

Dog breed Black Russian Terrier well socialized; many of them live in apartments and/or country houses. Easy it to adapt to different climatic conditions. They get along well with other animals. With the proper education he love the whole family, considering it his flock.In particular protective of the kids, will be the friend, a caring "dry-nurse", a companion and guard.

With all excellent features need to be added, that the Black Terrier – a hypoallergenic dog breed. His presence in the apartment does not irritate even the most sensitive and prone to allergies people.

In the common sense, Black Terrier do not shed and do not smell of dog. But thick coat dog requires periodic care – bathing, combing and haircut. Haircut (grooming) he need several times a year.

Black Russian Terrier – guard dog, which has a strong character, lighting-fast reaction, intelligence and smart; can easily master any course of training, constantly ready to defend, distrustful of strangers, utterly devoted to his master and his family. Your reliable, loyal and incorruptible friend for life!

Black Terrier Puppies

To the cultivation and training of the puppies should be treated very seriously.Like all dogs with a strong guard instinct, this breed puppies require strict (but not in any way do not ruthless, cruel) education from childhood, from the time when this wonderful black puppy, little Bear will go into your house. And to give education Chernysh need sufficient time.

Black Russian Terrier – Breed characteristics

Black Russian Terrier – physically strong, hardy and easily trained dog. Particularly appreciated for its strong balanced nervous system, fast response, intelligence and ingenuity. Utterly devoted to his master and the whole family...  read more

The character of Black Terrier

Black Terrier hardy, unpretentious, responds well to training. He is strong, agile, agile, fearless, balanced and has a strong character. He has an excellent memory and precise very fast reaction...  read more

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