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News of our kennel – Year 2020.

Black Russian Terrier



February 22-23, 2020, Kiev, Ukraine
Dog Shows All Breeds CAC «KANVIT Cup» and «ESPREE Cup»

The judges in the ring: Tatiana Borisova (Ukraine) и Marko Lepasaar (Estonia)


Halif Sokrovische Rusi - KANVIT Cup, ESPREE Cup

Halif Sokrovische Rusi


Class Intermedia males

Rated: 2 х «Excellent», 2 х CAC, 2 х BOS!

 2 x Best Representative!



Our boy’s excellent debut at two CAC shows!

Thanks to the experts for the appreciation and excellent description!

Thanks to the organizers for the wonderful exhibition and the holiday atmosphere!

Thanks to all friends for their support and help!

Congratulations to all participants and winners!

Congratulations to the owners for a wonderful result!



January 20, 2020, Kiev, Ukraine

We have an addition in our kennel!

Today our boys are already 2 months old!

Looking for a smart, beautiful and thinking, loyal, big, strong dog with good health?

A dog that can easily master almost any training course?

A dog that can become a Champion, a guard, a companion, and a friend?

Gorgeous representatives of their breed Shango and Shatl,
are ready to become part of your family!


In the photo mom TEA, babies and dad Zordan.


Puppies 57 days, with mom - 65 days


Mother Tea Sokrovische Rusi with kids BRT puppy (Zordan x Tea), photo 1 BRT puppy (Zordan x Tea), photo 2 Father Zordan Black





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