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Black Russian Terrier

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May 11-12, 2019, Kiev, Ukraine
Dog Shows of All Breeds CAC
«Magic Podil-2019»  and  «Star Show-2019»

Experts in the ring: Vitaliy Khizhnyak (Ukraine), Pavel Karpov (Ukraine)


BRT Russkij Medved` Grand Viktor

Russkij Medved` Grand Viktor


Class: Intermedia males


Rated: 2 х «Excellent», 2 х CAC, 2 х ЛКП

 Best male of breed!


Tea Sokrovische Rusi


Class: Working females


Rated: 2 х «Excellent», 2 х CAC

Closed title Champion of Ukraine!


Thanks to all friends for support..

Many thanks to the experts for the appreciation!



May 8, 2019
The grown up puppy of Black Terrier is on sale!

5 month old young lady available for the best owners!

 Date of birth November 17, 2018  Pedigree   FCI / UKU 

Tsarskaya Roskosh - video, 5 months

Video - BRT puppy (Jabbar Almaznogo Ostrova iz Chigasovo х Tea Sokrovische Rusi) - 5 months


Dad imported from Russia Ch:
Jabbar Almaznogo Ostrova iz Chigasovo
(HUU: N/HUU, JLPP: N/N, HD: A/A, ED: 0/0)
Mom: Tea Sokrovische Rusi
(HUU: N/N, JLPP: N/N, DM N/N, HD: A/A, ED: 0/0).


Girl is very temperamental, contact,
playful and fearless, inquisitive.
Has a show perspective.
Vaccinated and has a microchip
and official documents FCI,
JLPP-N/N (Clear by parentage).


Puppy is located in Europe, Ukraine.


More information on the pages
 Puppies   or   Facebook 


May 2, 2019
Black Terrier puppies are available for reservation!

3 females & 2 males – very promising for exhibitions, breeding and sports!

 Date of birth March 31, 2019  Pedigree  FCI / UKU 

Video - four weeks

Video BRT puppy (Zordan Black х Feja Nochi) - 4 weeks


Parents have certificates
and free of genetic diseases!


Zordan Black x Feja Nochi Sokrovische Rusi


Puppies have chips, vaccinated.
Documents UKU/FCI.
Puppies located in Ukraine (Kiev).


More information on page  Puppies 


March 22, 2019
Do you want to buy a grown puppy of Black Terrier?

We sell two promising girls for exhibitions, breeding, sports!

 Date of birth November 17, 2018  FCI / UKU  pedigree 

Parents have certificates for the absence of genetic diseases!

Jabbar Almaznogo Ostrova iz Chigasovo x Tea Sokrovische Rusi

Puppies have chips, vaccinated, documents UKU/FCI. Puppies are in Ukraine, in Kiev.

Delivery is possible. Additional information – by request.


More information on page  Puppies   or   Facebook 


Tsarskaya Roskosh Sokrovische Rusi. DoB November 17, 2018 - photo 1 Tsarskaya Roskosh Sokrovische Rusi. DoB November 17, 2018 - photo 2 Tsar-Devitsa Sokrovische Rusi. DoB November 17, 2018 - photo 1 Tsar-Devitsa Sokrovische Rusi. DoB November 17, 2018 - photo 2



March 10, 2019, Kiev, Ukraine
Dog Show All Breeds CAC «Opti Meal Cup»

Expert Zoya Oleinikova, Ukraine


Hugo Boss Sokrovische Rusi, Cup Opti Meal

Video: comparison on the ВОВ (Hugo Boss Sokrovische Rusi, male junior class; Garry Potter Iz Vesenney Skazki, male champion class; Advocatus Dei Egida Dar Bogov, female class intermedia)

Hugo Boss Sokrovische Rusi


Class Junior males


Rated: «Excellent», J.CAC, BOS, J.BOB!

 Best Representative

 Best Junior

Closed title  Junior Champion of Ukraine!


Thanks to the expert in the ring
Zoya Oleinikova for the excellent description
and assessment of the boy!




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