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News of our kennel 2018

Black Russian Terrier


Purebred puppies of Black Russian Terrier for sale!
Date of birth 9 April 2018

We are very proud and happy to present new long-awaited litter of Black Russian Terriers from wonderful parents! There are purebred males and females available!

Puppies are located in Ukraine (Kiev). Worldwide delivery is possible.

Puppies will be ready to go to new homes in the middle of July.

More photos and video on demand. All puppies vaccinated and have microchips with FCI official documents.

If you are interested, please contact me I will answer all questions in PM

BRT puppy (Zordan Black x Feja Nochi) - photo 1 BRT puppy (Zordan Black x Feja Nochi) - photo 2 BRT puppy (Zordan Black x Feja Nochi) - photo 3




On October 20, 2018, in the city of Vasilkov, two exhibitions were held
at CAC-UA “Autumn Vasilkov-2018” and BRT mono

Experts in the ring: Irina Azen (Belarus), Dmitro Kozoriz (Ukraine)


BRT - Hugo Boss Sokrovische Rusi

Hugo Boss Sokrovische Rusi


 At both shows

Class: Puppies males


Rated: «Very promising», BP


Best puppy of breed!


Congratulations, son!




In Kiev exhibitions on September 29-30, 2018
«Kiev Meetings-2018», «Listopad-2018» and monobreed BRT
at the age of 5 months began his show career
our baby Hugo Boss Sokrovische Rusi

(f.Zordan Black – ì.Feja Nochi Sokrovische Rusi).

Experts in the ring: Pavel Karpov (Ukraine), Zoya Oleinikova (Ukraine), Evgeniya Tolpina (Ukraine)


BRT - Hugo Boss Sokrovische Rusi

Hugo Boss Sokrovische Rusi


 At all exhibitions

Class: Baby males


Rated: 3 õ «Very promising»


 BRT Monobreed

Best baby of breed!


And although there is still something to work on, the three experts were pleased with the consistently elegant descriptions of our child, who noted that at his young age the boy had the correct anatomy, good black pigment wool, perfect dental system, beautiful movements.

The boss at all 3 exhibitions received the highest rating – «Very promising», and at the monobreed show became Best baby of breed!

Many thanks to the organizers Ekaterina and Luce Pereguda for the holiday!

It often happens that the exhibition passes and there is not a single photo and video. Everyone is busy with rings, dogs...

Shows "Listopad-2018", "Kiev Meetings-2018" and monobreed dog show BRT pleased with great photos from the rings.

Thanks to photographer Misha Lukianov for great shots!

Click on the photo - all photos of our little debutant
at the Kiev exhibitions September 29-30, 2018.

Thank you for the holiday Kateryna Pereguda!

Thank you for ring science Svetlana Brinko!

Thanks to everyone who supported us and our baby.!

Congratulations to all participants and winners of this dog festival!




June 16, 2018, Kharkov. ÑÀÑ-UA «Phoenix Cup 2018»

Expert in the ring Sergej Vanza (Slovakia)


Utrennjaja Zorja Sokrovische Rusi, Phoenix Cup 2018

Rings: Champions female, comparison
on Best female of breed

Utrennjaja Zorja Sokrovische Rusi


Class Champions female


Rated: «Excellent», CAC, BOS!

 Best female of breed


Special thanks to the expert in the ring for Sergey Vanza for the high appreciation and beautiful description of my girl!

Breeder – Tatiana Kashuba

Owner, grooming, handling – Elena Lermontova




20–May 21, 2018, Kiev,
«Magic Podil-2018», «Star show-2018»

Experts in the ring Alla Bryzgalina (Ukraine), Iryna Galetii (Ukraine)


Black Russian Terrier - Zordan Black

Zordan Black


At both exhibitions:


Class: Working male


Rated:«Excellent», CAC


Thanks experts for the appreciation of Goshik and the warm words in his address!

Thank you Light for showing Goshik! You are a real professional!

Thanks to everyone who supported us and helped us!


Zordan Black, Magic Podil-20188 - video

Video «Magic Podil-2018»


BRT - Tea Sokrovische Rusi

Tea Sokrovische Rusi


At both exhibitions:


Class: Working female


Rated:«Excellent», CAC


Thanks experts for appreciation of my girl!




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