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Our kennel provides professional grooming services
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Grooming is not just a dog grooming.

This is a set of procedures that includes, in addition to the actual haircut, washing, drying, combing, trimming claws, cutting out hair between the pads, cleaning the ears. Also included is stripping - combing out excess undercoat of wire-haired dogs.

But trimming – a pinch of wool (dead hair) for the Black Terrier is not acceptable: The Russian Black Terrier does not trim!

According to the type of coat, black terrier belongs to wire-haired dogs that need regular combing (combing to the skin), grooming and washing. If this is not done, the wool will not be able to be updated and will be knocked off.

The main purpose of dog hair is to serve as a protective and insulating cover.

The skin and coat, its condition is the personification of the health and well-being of the dog. Wool, which has a healthy gloss, is an indicator of the excellent state of health of the animal. And, conversely, dull, devoid of glitter, wool knocked down in mats – a sign that the animal is not healthy enough.

Three types of hair are distinguished in wool:

  • coverslips hair;

  • downy hair (undercoat);

  • sensitive hair (vibrissae).

Ostev hair usually dominates in length in the coat of dogs, creating a general impression of its hairiness. Its function is to protect the body from abrasions (in the armpits and groin – from friction) and to prevent creasing of the undercoat.

The undercoat, consisting of numerous downy hairs around the cover hairs, is the main heat insulator of the dog. Down hair is the thinnest, most gentle, with numerous twists.

Sensitive hair is the smallest. They are located in dogs on the lips, chin and eyebrows. They perform a tactile function and, apparently, a function similar to taste. Vibrissa root is supplied with a significant amount of nerves and blood vessels. Sensitive hair is normally longer than the surrounding wool, it is hard and almost straight. The effect of this hair on the exterior is small, they are clearly visible only in short-haired dogs.

By the quality, structure and abundance of the coat of Russian Black Terriers can be divided into three main types.

  • The predominance of a cover hair with a small amount of undercoat.

  • The coverslips hair and the undercoat are fairly balanced.

  • The predominance of soft, often long undercoat, overwhelming coverslips hair.

The first type of coat is the easiest to care for, it is distinguished by a special shine, it almost does not form tangles, the dirt rolls off its surface, but over time, the cover hair grows dull and thinner – it is recommended to shave it along the body and on the thighs along with a small undercoat once year.

The second type – the most preferred and elegant, with constant combing and care saves the texture for a long time.

The third type – requires more thorough care and almost daily combing, is prone to more frequent formation of tangles, has a matte appearance, because the sheen of the coat gives the covering outer hair, which is very small in this type.

There is still the opinion that it is enough to wash the dog 1-2 times a year.

Someone thinks that the dog itself knows when it needs to bathe and will do it in the near pond during the walk. And some people think that bathe is unhealthy for dogs to wash. This is based on a lack of experience and knowledge, and more often – laziness and carelessness of dog owners. The thought even comes to mind: do they love their dogs, why did they buy them? Imagine a man not washed a few months. How will he feel?

When is the first time the Black Terrier is trimmed and bathed?

Little puppy. In our kennel, all puppies handed over to new owners are swimming and shearing. Mom-breeder does it very gently and gently so as not to discourage the child from this procedure.

How often do you need to wash and trim the Black Terrier (meaning full grooming)?

This largely depends on the conditions of detention (apartment, aviary), time of year (season), type of coat, age of your pet. On average – 1 time in a half to two months.

Believe our experience: even if do not consider hard cases, a dog after a haircut not only looks cool, it leads and feels differently – it flourishes, it flies ...

In addition, before a haircut, our experienced professional groomerwill surely appreciate the exterior of your dog, maybe even with greater certainty and predilection (in a good way) than experts in modern show-rings do. After all, a groomer, unlike experts, is in no hurry, he will communicate with your dog for at least several hours, or even all day. And its task is to hide the flaws and emphasize the merits of your dog.

If he notices the health problems of your dog, he will not only tell you about it, but also suggest possible solutions to these problems.. Yes, yes, do not be surprised, he is not just a groomer, he is a breeder in the best sense of the word!

And when the owner picks up back his dog after the haircut with the words Oh, what did you do with my dog? What, is it bad? No !!! Fabulous !!! - the groomer is not only happy, he is proud of the breed: another dog has joined the ranks of the magnificent Russian Black Terriers!

And finally, some tips.

If you nevertheless decided that you will manage to handle a grooming your Black Terrier (I emphasize again – the full range of procedures), then you should have a lot of patience and a few PROFESSIONAL tools.

Among them:

  • scissors for haircuts. Keep in mind that even very good tailoring scissors are not suitable for black terrier wool – they will not cut the hair, but chew it, destroying the structure of the wool;
  • scissors for cutting hair between the pillows paw. Quality requirements are the same, but in addition they must be small and have rounded ends;
  • combs. All combs should be made of stainless steel with teeth rounded off at the ends, i.e. so as not to scratch or irritate the dog‘s skin. For the worst end are suitable combs with good anodizing quality . Combs should have a tooth length of 4-5 cm and there should be at least two of them: with a tooth pitch of about 1 cm – for rough combing and with a step of 2-3 mm - for fine combing. One or two-row rake with the same length and pitch of the tooth can be used as the first comb. The second comb is designed not only to re-fully comb the entire dog after the first comb (rake), but also to check the quality of work: the fine-toothed comb should freely pass through the entire length of hair from the roots (from the skin) to the ends of the hair throughout the dog’s body;
  • Puhoderka brush with a long tooth. Quality requirements are the same as for the comb.;
  • machine for cutting wool. Highly desirable;
  • claw cutter - required;
  • Stripping - I do not recommend: without skill, you will kill your dog's coat;
  • shampoos, balms, conditioners - a must! This is not a luxury, but a necessity. As a rule, human cosmetics are not suitable for Chernysh. I will not give advice on what kind of cosmetics and which company you should use. And that's why. Not only that in our time of this very cosmetics there is a great many, it is imperative to see exactly your dog. Simplified will not work: as described above, there are three main types of wool, therefore, there should be three types of cosmetics - for each type - its own. If everything was so simple! I recommend - contact your Breeder, show him your dog in its present condition and he will tell you exactly what kind of cosmetics your pet needs at this stage of its life.;
  • a hair dryer - and not just a good hair dryer, but one that allows you to dry with a powerful stream of cool or warm air, but by no means hot;
  • sheets, cotton and terry cloths - preferably a little dilapidated, they will absorb moisture better when you wrap a dog in them after bathe;
  • The table for haircut - is very desirable, otherwise you will have to cut your dog all the time on the haunches, on your knees and in a half-bent state. And it will certainly affect the quality of the haircut.

Finally, the room in which you will haircut the dog should be very well lit. Lamps should not radiate much heat: you and your dog will feel hot.

Black Terrier - hypoallergenic breed of dogs.

His presence in the house or apartment does not cause allergies, even among the capricious and people who are susceptible to allergies. But a haircut is a special case. You will need a robe, gloves and a respirator. The shorn fine hair of the Black Terrier will hang in the air, dig into your body; inhale this airborne suspension is strictly prohibited! In my opinion, the groomer's profession should be classified as especially harmful..

And one more important detail. The dog is not a stone sphinx. Most likely, especially for the first time, it will seem to you that she is too nervous: in the bathroom she will shift from paw to paw, try to sit down when you need to stand, shake yourself, drench you with a soap shower, try to jump out of the bathroom. During the drying and combing it will show signs of anxiety, take away paws, turn your head, etc. Maybe you even hear a roar from her and you will wonder: MY dog growls at ME?

Are you tired, your hands are not holding the comb, your back is numb? You are not alone - the dog is also tired, she also wants to take a break from these procedures. My advice to you is to take breaks, give yourself and your dog a chance to relax a bit.

From myself I will say. I a thousand times saw our groomer bathe, dry, shear the Black Terriers. Own and others. I bathe and comb dogs myself. I am writing these recommendations for you because theoretically they are correct and theoretically I know exactly how all this is done. But I will not take up the practical application of my theoretical knowledge in haircutting the Black Terrier. Because I clearly understand: in any business, and especially in this, not only experience and skill is needed, but skill and talent too!

Of course, groomers are not born, but ... So good luck to you!

And consider the following. Incompetent grooming can harm not only the appearance, but also the health of your pet!

Black Russian Terriers Kennel
«Sokrovische Rusi», Igor Lebedev
November, 2012

Video. April, 2010, Kiev, Ukraine

The head of the Italian Academy of Grooming Monique Van de Ven.
Master Class. Haircut Black Russian Terrier


Haircut Black Terrier. Kennel Sokrovische Rusi. Video, part 1
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Year 2013. Marco Vaccaroni – haircut our Black Russian Terrier.


Haircut Black Russian Terrier, Marco Vaccaroni - photo 1
Haircut Black Russian Terrier, Marco Vaccaroni - photo 2
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