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 Character of Black Russian Terrier

The character of Black Russian Terrier


This dog is called differently: Black Russian Terrier (BRT), Russian Black Terrier, Black Terrier, Russian Terrier, «the KGB dog», «dog Stalin».

The owners call it simply – Chernysh.

Our Black Russian Terriers

You can hear a variety of responses, stories and even legends about these dogs from people little familiar and unfamiliar with them, also from the owners BRT. However, it is indisputable that today it is one of the best service breeds of dogs to protect the family and home.

The character of Black Russian Terrier, his superior qualities and abilities can be described for a long time, but I'll try to make it brief.

Black Terrier hardy, unpretentious and responds well to training. He is strong, mobile, agile, fearless, balanced and has a strong character.

Specialists in dog training say that dogs of this breed are endowed excellent memory and precise, lightning-fast reaction, as well as the ability to correctly assess the situation and independently make appropriate decisions in various situations.

Despite the fact that Black Terrier quite spiteful and mistrustful of strangers, it does not show nervousness or causeless aggression to surrounding people, dogs and other animals, if they do not show aggression.

He requires respect for themselves and do not like familiarity; do not vindictive – always possible to "negotiate" with him.

Without the need not barks and not growls.

It belongs to the dogs with strong, balanced and moving processes of higher nervous activity, having very balanced stable nervous system.

This could create an erroneous impression about its slowness, or even laziness.

Our Black Terriers

But this apparent slowness immediately takes off, when the situation becomes dangerous or provocative. In an extreme situation in a split second he turns from "sweet soul" friend and companion in the 42-tooth monster that will protect your family by all means available to it – quickly, toughly and uncompromisingly, first not cripple opponent but especially scare. After the "showdown" with the enemy, he also quickly become all the same «sweet», smiling dog.

Our Black Terriers and children - Zorislav Sokrovische Rusi

Black Terrier is very sensitive, and even if it seems that the dog dozing peacefully in a corner and forget about everything, you can be sure - from under bushy eyebrows all control Argus-eyed view.

For all its nastiness and harshness in battle with the enemy, Black Terrier fully dog for home and family, very attached to his «family», loving children and a delight to play with them.

This is one of the best breeds for guard-defensive and protective services.

But above all – reliable, intelligent and loyal friend for the WHOLE family.

You may be objected: it's a viperous, ferocious and uncontrollable dog, to which is better not to approach close! He will tear you to pieces, in the best case – mutilated or bitten!

To understand why there is a perception of malice and ferocity of these dogs, you must hold a small excursion into the history of the breed.

After World War II, which killed tens of millions of human lives in the Soviet Union almost gone purebred guard dogs, as they are on a par with the people taking part in the hostilities. And if dogs signalers and paramedic dogs were at least some chance of survival, the bomb-detecting dogs and dog-destruction tanks was just doomed.

In 1947, in the Soviet Union resumed with renewed vigor repression. Political prisoners, criminals, the Gulag, strategic facilities... Regime required Dogs – strong, spiteful, fearless, tireless, capable of carrying the security service and guard in any climatic conditions.

In 1949, on the instructions of the government in the kennel «Red Star», work began on the development of new breed groups, including the Black Russian Terrier.

Black Russian Terrier - training

Without going into the specific details of the development of the breed (you can read about in this article), we can say that the task of the government was accomplished. And how! Created bred group in full compliance with the according task. But the dogs were cultivated not only obedience, but also malice, aggression, even ferocity.

They were called «dogs of the KGB» («Stalin's dog») and was considered a terrible and ruthless living weapon.

But with black terriers something went wrong.

It was found that for all its nastiness, the dog too much attachment to one person – the owner-conductor. This very prevented the use of dogs with different conductors. Then many of Black Terriers was transmited from the military nurseries to the city kennel clubs and to the private hands.

Actually from that moment begining socialization black terrier as breed. Not everything went smoothly in the beginning, there were refunds of dogs because of ungovernability and nastiness. But miracle happened: owners of Black Terriers realized – Nature would not let this dogs out to create a monster, goofy machine-killer. On the contrary, She has gathered together the best qualities founders of the breed and put them in one dog – Black Russian Terrier, balancing all the seemingly incompatible qualities. Moreover, from themselves wise Nature has added mind, intellect, boundless loyalty and love to the owner and his family.

Of course, all the best qualities Chernysh "polished" for years, decades. But thanks to all those of the Kennel Clubs, enthusiasts and lovers of the breed, which "were pioneers," devoted themselves to this breed and socialization it, we love Chernysh as we know it today.

In order not to remain "behind the scenes" most importantly,
to the future owner Chernysh I want to say next.

All excellent quality, referred to here, exist in every black terrier puppy. These qualities are laid at the genetic level.

But this is only the makings. It seeds. And to ensure that the seeds sprouted, and sprouted become precisely the qualities that are inherent this wonderful breed, you as the owner of the puppy must attach efforts in the right direction. It is important to understand: what, how and how much you "invest" in the puppy in the first two years of his life, would be an adult with him (and with you!) in his life.

I think you already know – a dog, especially the puppy, must not be beat. Punishing if necessary – yes (there are many ways to do this), but beat – never! Either way you will have to learn at least the basics of dog breeding and animal psychology, not to mention the knowledge of the characteristics of the Black Terrier breed.

As a result, the quantity and quality of the "spent" put in your puppy, care and love will return to you a hundredfold love and devotion your dog, your family, your Black Russian Terrier!

Remember, his well-being, his health and his life depends entirely on you.

And a couple of words – it is very important.
BRT puppy, 21 days

You must not any direct or indirect way be encouraged in a puppy malice and aggression. These qualities are inherent in it genetically – if necessary, an adult black terrier instantly "remember" how and when to apply them. This does not mean that the dog should not be trained "special courses" (defense, etc.). Maybe and it should be.

But you need to perform at least two conditions:

first – you need to give your puppy grow to form physically and psychologically;

second – the dog must be completely docile and controllable.

Only then you can begin training in "special courses".

About raising and raising puppies, about socialization of a puppy and much more can be found in the section  Articles.

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Igor Lebedev, January 2015

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