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 Vizantiyskaya Noch

Black Russian Terrier
Vizantiyskaya Noch Sokrovische Rusi

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Black Russian Terrier. Kennel SOKROVISCHE RUSI. Vizantiyskaya Noch Sokrovische Rusi
In the photo 2 years

 Date of Birth: 15-02-2010
 Female. Age   9 years 4 mon.
 Color black

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Alisa s Zazerkaliya Estrianon




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Candidate to Champion of Ukraine


1 x BOS, 2 x CAC


Black Russian Terrier. Kennel Sokrovische Rusi. Vizantiyskaya Noch Sokrovische Rusi  Black Russian Terrier. Kennel Sokrovische Rusi. Vizantiyskaya Noch Sokrovische Rusi  Black Russian Terrier. Kennel Sokrovische Rusi. Vizantiyskaya Noch Sokrovische Rusi



Height at withers71 cm
Breast volume88 cm
Head length29 cm
Muzzle length12 cm
Wrist13.5 cm
Elbow height39 cm
Head index40.8
Measurements are made20.10.2014. 



Vizantiyskaya Noch Sokrovische Rusi, one of the females breeding kennel, the youngest mother. Very pedigree, with good proportions, good head and rugged, volumetric chest correct proportions. Very good angles front and rear limbs. Rigid elegant black wool. Stable character and psyche. Nature has given her great maternal instinct.

Several lean, but due to this very lively, fast and jumping. Excellent coordination of movements. Several times we've seen at catching the ball (her favorite toy), jumping, more precisely, flown up, she caught the ball with his teeth, flip in the air like a cat landed on all four paws.

Very hardy, can run tirelessly for 2-3 hours. Persistent: if it «deceive» and throw the toy, so that she did not see, will look until it finds. By the people – adequate, good-natured in the pack and calm, but if someone from trying to pack infringe on its rights, resistance gives instant and without undue aggression.





25.09.2011, Belorussia, Gomel.
Republican Dog Show CAC
Expert Tamara Sarmont, Belarus.  All-rounder
Class    Intermedia.
Rated   «Excellent»
24.09.2011, Ukraine, Berdichev.
Certificate Dog Show CAC-UA «Berdichev-2011»
Expert Viktoriya Pogodina, Ukraine.  FCI by breeds
Class    Intermedia.
Rated   «Excellent»
11.09.2011, Ukraine, Zhitomir.
Certificate Dog Show «Polesie-2011»
Expert Nikolai Palii, Ukraine.  FCI by groups
Class    Intermedia.
Rated   «Excellent», I place, CAC, BOS
    Best female of breed
21.08.2011, Ukraine, Kherson.
Certificate Dog Show CAC-UA «Cup Tavria-2011»
Expert Tatyana Sinitsina, Belarus.  FCI by breeds
Class    Intermedia.
Rated   «Excellent», I place, CAC
07.05.2011, Ukraine, Chernigov.
Certificate Dog Show CAC-UA «Cup of Chernigov-2011»
Expert Aleksandr Ivanov, Russia, Moscow.  FCI: terriers,...
Class    Juniors.
Rated   «Excellent», II place
17.04.2011, Ukraine, Kiev.
International dog show FCI-CACIB «Ukraine-2011»
Expert Alfonso Thovar Del Solar, Spain.  All-rounder
Class    Juniors.
Rated   «Excellent», II place
16.04.2011, Ukraine, Kiev.
International dog show FCI-CACIB «Golden Gate-2011»
Expert Anatolii Zhuk, Belarus.  All-rounder
Class    Juniors.
Rated   «Excellent», II place
29.01.2011, Ukraine, Kiev.
Certificate Dog Show «Cup of AKANA»
Expert Galyna Kalinichenko, Ukraine.  FCI by groups
Class    Juniors.
Rated   «Excellent», II place
17.10.2010, Ukraine, Odessa.
Certificate Dog Show CAC-UA «South-Autumn 2010»
Expert Igor Selemovic, Croatia.  All-rounder
Class    Puppy.
Rated   «Very promising»
19.06.2010, Ukraine, Belaya Tserkov.
Certificate Dog Show «Cup of PURINA»
Expert Vitaliy Khizhnyak, Ukraine.  FCI by groups
Class    Baby.
Rated   «Very promising»

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