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 Anisovoe Yablochko

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Black Russian Terrier

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Black Russian Terrier. Kennel Sokrovische Rusi. Anisovoe Yablochko
In the photo 6,5 years

Years of life:
 17.06.2004 - 26.06.2016 

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Baloven Sudby ot Zenitsa Oka
Anastasiya ot Zenitsa Oka




  Descendants  males-7,  females-6






  Experts descriptions  

  Working qualities 



Interchampion (norm)
 Champion of  Ukraine, Serbia, Rumania, Russia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Belorussia, Kiev-2007
 Junior Champion of  Lithuania, Belorussia, Kiev-2005


4 x CACIB, 2 x R.CACIB, 4 x BOS, 13 x CAC, 5 x J.CAC, 3 x Best Junior, 4 x Best Junior female

  Working certificates:

IPO-1, Wt.DiC-2


Anisovoe Yablochko - photo 2 Anisovoe Yablochko - photo 3 Anisovoe Yablochko - photo 4 Anisovoe Yablochko - photo 5



Height at withers68 cm
Breast volume93 cm
Head length30 cm
Wrist16 cm
Diagonal width69.5 cm
Weight47 kg
Format index102.2
Head index44.1
Measurements are made22.04.2009. 
Tatyana Kashuba
kennel  «Sokrovische Rusi»





Anisovoe Yablochko has established itself as a producer of great, wonderful mother. Transmits his children an excellent anatomy, long a well-filled head, good strong angulation, deep chest volume, elegant hair, smooth and harmonious movements, high intelligence, excellent working qualities (speed of reaction with a stable mind) inherited from her grandfather Kite Krayt and great-grandfather Umkar Maks Ter Porsh.

Very observant. Working smart, inventive and tough.

When paired with another dog, behaves very slyly giving the initiative the second attack dog, is looking for (and finding!) from the enemy to attack the most vulnerable places and "works" is in these places.

One was such a case.

Summer is quite hot, though early in the morning. Classes at ZKS (protective guard duty). Testing of a situation, the one attacker - two dogs. Dogs are working on a loose leash. Figurant (helper) dressed in full protect cloth with a high collar, but without a helmet - because hot (an unforgivable mistake when working with the Russian Black Terrier). At some point of the second dog pulled the sleeve so that part of the neck was bared figurant. At the same moment Nyusya (her homemade name) flies up and...

On to say the least, serious injury helper rescued two things: instant reaction the son of hostess Nyusi and fastened the leash. Son quickly yanked the leash. Watching from the helper colleagues told him later that the attack was foiled Nyusi a few centimeters from his neck and that under protect cloth probably had the shirt in which he was born!





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