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 Video report testing young BRT

Video – testing of young black terriers

October 20, 2012.


The dogs of our kennel took part in testing:
youth from litters of 2011, as well as 3 adult males.


Young dogs

Age 15 Months    Litter 18-07-2011 f.Agent 007m.Alisa s Zazerkaliya Estrianon
Age 12,5 Months Litter 01-10-2011 f.Bangam.Bagira
Age 11,5 Months Litter 09-11-2011 f.Kudiyar Moguchiy Tsar iz RDm.Agata
Age 10 Months    Litter 16-12-2011 f.Bangam.Vizantiyskaya Noch




Banga SRBorodatyi Frant SRAmulet SR.



In total, 14 of our dogs took part in testing and verification.

Devid - performance testing. October 2012

Zabiyaka - performance testing. October 2012

Banga, Derianur, Amulet, Borodatyi Frant

Banga, Amulet, Zorislav, Borodatyi Frant

Zhelannyj syn Kudijara


Zateinik, Zhelannyj syn Kudijara


Also participated

Dolgozdannaya RadostZhdan VityazZavetnaya MechtaEsaul vnuk Atamana Zhuk Marshal


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