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From the first international exhibition to the winner of Euro Dog Show!!!

Luchezarnyiy Korol Sokrovische Rusi

April 20, 2013, Kiev, Ukraine
International Dog Show
FCI-CACIB «Golden Gate-2013»

Best bady of breed!

August 26, 2017,
Kiev, Ukraine

Champion Class Winner!

Our smallest – baby

Baby from 3 weeks to 2,5 months


October 20, 2012.
The first testing of young black terriers

Fourteen dogs of our kennel took part in the testing – young dogs from litters of 2011 at the age of ten to fifteen months and three adult males.

Testing showed very good results: "youth" do not show timidity or cowardice when attacked by defendants, quickly calm down after the attack and behave absolutely adequately; adults actively attack the defendants, without showing excessive aggression.

Banga Sokrovische Rusi


Zhelannyj syn Kudijara, Zabiyaka


Full video report


February 25, 2012, Lutsk, Ukraine
The sertificate Dog Show CAC-UA «STAR VOLYN 2012»

Expert Yu.Ovots, all-rounder

At the exhibition, our kennel was represented by several dogs: baby – Esaul vnuk Atamana, Elizaveta; puppy – Dolgozdannaya Radost; two adults – Banga and Baklushechka Dushechka. The results of the exhibition were very pleased – all our dogs took first prize places!

Compare to BOB

Banga, Baklushechka Dushechka, Pink Floid Yabl.Tsvit.
Banga – Best of Breed!

Best of the 2nd group


Banga – 3 place!

April 28, 2007, Kiev, Ukraine
International Dog Show FCI-CACІВ «UKRAINE-2007»

Expert Yu.Ovots, all-rounder

Agent 007

Class opened


1st place, САС.
Champion of Ukraine!

Compare to BOB

Arbat Bahrai – 1,
Agent 007 Chiornyy Prints – 2,
Atas,Prosto Atas!Vivat!Poltava – 3

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