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Video Black Russian Terrier:
history of the breed


On this page are a few videos about the history of the breed dogs Black Russian Terrier. Unfortunately, in the history of this unique breed a lot of white spots.

Black Russian Terrier – video archives 1950-1960 years


Who was the initiator of the breed? Someone says that the order for the withdrawal of a new breed of dog gave the Minister of State Security Beria, others argue that the breed was founded on the personal orders of Stalin, but in general, the majority of dog breeders-BRT inclined to that the breed was developed by order of the Soviet government.

As the breed was created? It is well known that in the initial cross-breeding was attended by about 17 breeds of dogs (someone says 18 someone - even 30), the main ones were the Giant Schnauzer, Rottweiler, Newfoundland, Moscow Vodolaz (Moscow Diver) and Airedale Terrier. But to date no comprehensive documentary Information about what exactly the dog, which breeds of age participated in the cross-breeding. What were their anatomy and exterior, what qualities and character they had in fact ...

What breed is deduced? Initially, the rock group bred dogs (actually black terrier they became later) cultivated spitefulness and ferocity to perform a very specific job. And the name of «dog KGB» and «Stalin Dog» firmly established for these dogs. Even much later, when the Black Terriers have already participated in dog shows, dog owners of other breeds in a split second ”blown away” from the ring, if Black Terrier broke the leash.

Only many years later, it became clear that Nature took care that the dogs of this breed does not become dull machine-killers. On the contrary, having collected all the best qualities of the progenitors of the breed She put them in one dog – the Black Russian Terrier, generously adding from itself the mind, intelligence and boundless devotion to his master.

But despite all embedded Nature, Black Terrier would not take place without human intervention and all the Kennel Clubs, enthusiasts and lovers of the breed, who have devoted themselves to the cultivation and education of these dogs. It is thanks to them that we love Chernysh as we know it today.

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