FCI-UKU kennel of BRT «Sokrovische Rusi»

Puppies of Black Russian Terrier
Birth date November 9, 2011

f.Kudiyar Moguchiy Tsar iz Russkoy Dinastii - m.Agata Sokrovische Rusi


This page shows a video of raising puppies of the Black Russian Terrier, covering a period of about 2.5 months from the beginning of December 2011 to the middle February next year.

Caring mother Agata and strict father Kudiyar – excellent mentors of growing kids, perfectly fulfill their role: transmit accumulated knowledge and experience, they "explain" their rules of behavior to their children, teach them how to communicate in their "human" pack and everything that they need to know. Due to these knowledge in the adult life they will become the real representatives of the breed – by Black Terriers – by dogs with large dignity, repose in itself, beautiful, clever and friendly, but at the same time ready if necessary to protect the family from any enemy.

Curious little Black Terriers winter, frost and deep snow at all, they it is splendidly felt, merrily spend time and cognize this world – the world in that they will live.


Video, Black Terrier puppies. Age from 3 weeks to 2,5 months


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