Kennel BRT «Sokrovische Rusi»

Exhibitions Year 2017, April-June

Black Russian Terrier


June 25, 2017, Kiev, Ukraine.
Certificate Exhibition of dogs of all breeds CAC-UA

Expert in the ring Andreas Savva (Cyprus)


The exhibition was attended by 3 of our dogs:


BRT - Russkiy Medved Barin
Russkiy Medved Barin

Class: Baby males

Rated: «Very promising», 1 place

Best baby male!


BRT - Prints Naslednyiy Sokrovische Rusi
Prints Naslednyiy Sokrovische Rusi

Class: Opened males

Rated: «Excellent», 2 place, R.CAC


РЧТ - Luchezarnyiy Korol Sokrovische Rusi
Luchezarnyiy Korol Sokrovische Rusi

Class: Champions males

Rated: «Excellent», 1 place, CAC


May 8-9, 2017 in Kharkiv
Dergachevsky RO KHU KSU "BEST DOG" held two exhibitions:
CAC-UA "Cup of Dergachevsky RO KHO KSU",
CAC-UA "Victory Day"

Experts in the ring: Valentin Fedorov (Belarus), Victor Shyjan (Ukraine)


BRT - Utrennjaja Zorja Sokrovische Rusi

Utrennjaja Zorja Sokrovische Rusi


 At both exhibitions

Class: Opened females


Rated: 2 х «Excellent», 2 х 2 place, R.CAC


Owner, grooming, handling – Elena Lermontova

Breeder – Tatiana Kashuba


Thanks to all,
who was on this day nearby
and in every possible way supported us!


May 7, 2017, Kiev, Ukraine.
Certified Dog Show FCI-CAC UA "Spring Cup"

Certified Dog Show FCI-CAC UA "Звёздное шоу"

Experts in the ring Vitaliy Belskiy (Ukraine), Vitaliy Khizhnyak (Ukraine)

The results of our dogs pleased!


BRT - Sokrovisha Zemli Russkoy Agat
Sokrovisha Zemli Russkoy Agat

Class: Opened males

At both exhibitions:

Rated: «Excellent», 1 place, CAC, ЛК, BOS!

Best male of breed!


Closed titles:

  • Champion of Ukraine;
  • Best of the Best of Breed in Ukraine (BBB)!

Our congratulations to the breeders!


BRT - Zordan Black
Zordan Black

Class: Work males

Rated: 2 х «Excellent», CAC, R.CAC

Congratulations to the breeders and yourself
with the successful debut of the child!


BRT - Tea Sokrovische Rusi
Tea Sokrovische Rusi

Class: Work females

Rated: 2 х «Excellent», 2 х CAC

Good debut!

Congratulations to all participants
of the show and the winners!
We were glad to meet and communicate!


May 1, 2017 in Kharkov hosted an exhibition of dogs of all breeds
CAC-UA "Kharkov Spring"

Expert in the ring Yuri Gergel (Ukraine)


BRT - Freja Sokrovische Rusi

Freja Sokrovische Rusi

Class: Juniors females

Rated: «Excellent», 1 place, JCAC, BOS!

Best female of breed!

  • Grooming – Pshonka I.;
  • handler – Shevchenko O.;
  • breeder – Kashuba T.

Thank the judges for the excellent evaluation of
and many thanks to friends
for their help and support!


April 23, 2017, Brovary, Ukraine.
Certificate dog show FCI-CAC UA "Brovary-2017"

Expert in the ring Viktor Shyjan (Ukraine)


BRT - Sokrovisha Zemli Russkoy Agat
Sokrovisha Zemli Russkoy Agat

Class: Opened males

Rated: «Excellent», 2 place, R.CAC


BRT - Lukavaya Bestiya Sokrovische Rusi

Lukavaya Bestiya Sokrovische Rusi

Class: Working females

Rated: «Excellent», 1 place, CAC


 Has closed Champion of Ukraine!



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