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 Kudiyar Moguchiy Tsar iz RD

Black Russian Terrier
Kudiyar Moguchiy Tsar iz Russkoy Dinastii

Impoft from Kennel Russkaya Dynastiya. Pedigree  RKF1591010 / UKU005575/06
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BRT. Kennel  Sokrovische Rusi
In the photo 7 year 4 mon.

Years of life:
 22.06.2004 - 21.03.2015 
 Male  Color black

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Veselchak s Zolotogo Grada
Jasno Solnishko iz Russkoy Dynastii



  Descendants  males-7,  females-2






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Candidate to Champion of Ukraine


1 x CAC


Black Russian Terrier. Kennel Sokrovische Rusi. Kudiyar Moguchiy Tsar iz RD  BRT. Kennel Sokrovische Rusi. Kudiyar Moguchiy Tsar iz RD  Black Terrier. Kennel Sokrovische Rusi. Kudiyar Moguchiy Tsar iz RD  Russian Terrier. Kennel Sokrovische Rusi. Kudiyar Moguchiy Tsar iz RD


Story about, how and why Kudiyar came to us in the kennel, you can read here.

February 15, 2011, the day of departure from Kharkov.

His escort beautiful people Volodya, Sveta and Anne, who took care of him, died when his owners.



Height at withers74 cm
Breast volume90 cm
Head length32 cm
Muzzle length13 cm
Wrist16 cm
Elbow height39 cm
Diagonal width75 cm
Weight56 kg
Format index101.4
Head index43.2
Measurements are made26.10.2011. 
Tatyana Kashuba
kennel  «Sokrovische Rusi»



Kudiyar Moguchiy Tsar iz Russkoy Dinastii – a descendant of the world famous Black Terriers, dogs that have become legendary canine world, won top honors in the rings of all the countries where the exhibitions were held with the participation of Black Terriers.

Dogs not only show, but with excellent working ability, great mentality, sustainability and good health. Such as Ole Kassandra Layk, Kris, Jasno Solnishko iz Russkoy Dynastii, Lyalya Chernaya Oleks iz Chernoy Stai, Bart Barbi s Bronnich – multiple World Champions, European, International and National Club, International Champion, on the right with diplomas general course of training (OKD), protective guard duty (ZKS), IPO.

Litter Kudiyar – Krasa Nenaglyadnaya iz Russkoy Dynastii и Karat Cherniy Brilliant iz Russkoy DynastiiVice World Champion 2008 и European Champion 2009.

Kudiyar's nephew –  Dorofey iz Russkoy Dynastii World Champion 2012.

Kudiyar himself, did not show a star – his first owners, elderly people (they are no longer with us), practically does not paid attention his show career and, unfortunately, its physical form.

Since moving, and “registration” in our kennel in February 2011, Kudiyar gradually became stronger and gained an excellent form of physical and moral, was cheerful and healthy. In this he was helped by his new girlfriend, chernyshka Agata eagerly accepted it.

Very balanced and intelligent dog, behaves like a real tsar (king). Has excellent protective qualities. At the same time like a puppy can frolic with their owners and close people if it is a little provoke.

Has the show temperament, very active, cheerful, proudly holds a nice long neck, which is crowned by a broad and powerful right lines doggy head. High in front, with a strong topline, chest volume, which he gave to their children, with a constantly standing up right out the tail on the strong croup. Elegant wool, excellent pigment and feathered. Moves beautifully, easy and relaxed.

The typical flying trot – a fast gait in which each half-step, all four legs for a split second at the same time detached from the ground – very impressive!

Kudiyar Moguchiy Tsar iz Russkoy Dinastii – a worthy representative of his eminent ancestors!


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