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Creating a dog breed Black Russian Terrier is unconditional and striking achievement of Soviet cynologists. Other domestic breeds such as the Central Asian and Caucasian Shepherd dog, were created as methods of national selection or pre-revolutionary breeders, such as the Russkaya Psovaya Borzaya (Russian Hunting Sighthound) and South Russian Shepherd Dog.

Black Russian Terrier The Second World War, which claimed tens of millions of human lives, caused terrible damage to the gene pool of dog breeds used in the USSR. Specially trained dogs took part in hostilities along with people.

If signal dogs and medical orderlies had at least some chance of surviving, mine detectors, tank demolition dogs and miner dogs were simply doomed to perish. How many of them, the four-footed ones, died, helping to «forge» victory, no one knows and no one counted.

The destroyed country, «overloaded» with prisoners of war, political prisoners, criminals, the GULAG system needed strong, fearless, vicious, tireless dogs capable of performing security and guard duty in any climatic conditions of the vast country.

The Black Russian Terrier was bred in the postwar years in the kennel «Red Star» by a complicated cross-breeding breeds such as the Giant Schnauzer, Rottweiler, Airedale Terrier, Newfoundland, and others. Work on a new breed began in 1949. Father of breed considered to be riesenschnauzer Roy.

Roy On the 19th of the Moscow dog show breeds in 1955, «Red Star» first showed a group of black terrier breed. What I saw made a splash! In 1957 the All-Union Exhibition of Economic Achievements Exhibition on has already been presented 43 black terrier.

A new breed of aroused great interest among specialists. Works with Chernysh successfully continued. By the end of the 70's received over 800 litters of BRT, the total number of puppies that met the requirements exceed 4000. Since the early 80's black terriers were exhibited at major international exhibitions, where they enjoyed a huge success.

In 1981 by order of number 19 Main Directorate for Nature Protection, the Board approved submission of breed canine standard «Black Russian Terrier».

It turned out that black terrier is too loyal to one person, and it interfered with his or her use of multi-conductors.

Slowly breed cultivation shifted from military kennels to urban kennels clubs and private hands. In fact this does not harm to breed. Exterior of dogs has changed significantly for the better and social psychology has become more. Black Terrier become a dog for the home and family. Thanks to the beautiful appearance, and the legend «Stalin's dog», has gained popularity in the West. So far, Black Russian Terrier inherent excellent working qualities: distrust of outsiders, the ability to protect and devotion to his master.

Вlack Russian Terrier (BRT) – was perfectly adapted to different climatic conditions, physically strong, hardy and easily trainable.

Especially appreciate him for his strong nervous system, fast response, intelligence and ingenuity, the ability to correctly assess different situations and take appropriate decisions, and constant readiness to defend the owner and his property without too much rancor.

Вlack Russian Terrier – «chernysh» – a dog, combining honesty and courage Caucasian, cunning and agility Giant Schnauzer, Rottweiler power and fury, solemnity and restraint Newfies, humor and zest for life Airedale.

Great dignity of the Russian Black Terrier – no special smell and seasonal molt, and if your dog regularly comb and grooming, the hair of the Dog will not bring a lot of trouble in the house.

Вlackies are suitable for the maintenance of the apartment, and in the aviary. But to keep this dog on a chain can not: he's too smart for this class and is able to protect a huge area without a leash. With a very aristocratic appearance, a black terrier grace any home and is very beneficial effect on the human psyche - a real energizer! Calm and terrible to strangers, he meets the owner, if he had not been for ages, even after a short absence.

Вlack Terriers – dogs are very emotional contact and to master them – this is the main entity. Whatever happens, all is well until the next favorite host. Many owners say characteristic feature of these dogs – the desire to gather the whole family in one place. While in this «pleasant company» Blackies are a lot of fun. With a strong character, they nevertheless show sensitivity and attention to a variety of animals and to friends of owners. Patronizing and care about children, helping them in their «important» matters, arranging a fun romp, and of course, from time to time little growl «to order». The position of the black terrier can be described succinctly: «Don't touch me, and I will not touch you». This is common for dogs strong and confident.

Chernysh fit fun, noisy family with children and lone person calm. He would be happy to play and have fun or quietly lies at your feet when you're busy or tired.

If you need a faithful friend, next to which is securely and safely, if you need a guard and defender, if you need a companion for hiking – it's your dog!

Вlack Russian Terrier has been registered by the FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale) under the number 327 September 29, 1983  [*].

ВRT refers to the classification of group 2 dogs (Pinscher and Schnauzer - Molossoid and Swiss Mountain and Cattledogs), section 1.4 – Black Terrier (Tchiorny Terrier).

[*]  Please note that the FCI final adoption of the BRT standard is September 29, 1983. Nevertheless, almost all Internet resources, including the site of the BRT National Breed Club and the description of the standard on the very nomenclature page of the BRT of the FCI site, contain a erroneous year of recognition BRT standard - 1984.

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