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07/13/2019 at the show Dog City Party, St. Petersburg, Russia
BEST GUARD ARGUS - Best Junior, Best of Breed,
reserve winner of the second group - BIG 2,
Junior Bes… Moret Reserve Winner - BIS-J 2 !!!
Closed the Junior Champion of Russia!
It was also easily tested for T1 behavior.
Thank you so much Svetlana Posokhina for the super training and excellent show!
Zaire Husainova - for grooming!
Thanks for the DC Horcrux photo!
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- Woman, you have decided - what do you want a puppy?
- That ... so cheap. You see, I want such an ordinary puppy not for exhibitions or sports, but for myself, for the … Moresoul!
- For the soul, you need it to the temple.
- And for yourself?
- And for yourself - give birth to a child.
- Do you have ordinary puppies?
- Ordinary puppies, like ordinary children, do not exist in nature!
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А у нас опять приятные новости !!!
Сегодня на выставке в Екатеринбурге, под экспертизой Л.Терентьевой,
Русский Медведь Гранд Виктория - САС, ЛПП, 3 место в группе !!… More!
Спасибо Любови Терентьевой за высокую оценку нашей Викуси !!!
От всей души поздравляю Вику и Свету !!! Умнички девочки !!!


PRESENT! For good new owners!
(3 females: Chaynaya Roza, Chornaya Zhemchujina, Chernika Sladkaya)
Date of birth 31 March 2019.
Breeding/Show/Sport perspective.
… MoreParents have certificates on genetic tests!
Documents UKU/FCI, kennel "SOKROVISCHE RUSI".
Puppies have chips, vaccinated.
Puppies located in Ukraine (Kiev)
More information in personal message.
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Quarantine is over!
Chernyi Vihr` Sokrovische Rusi (aka Vic), male, 3 months old.
First walk!
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Continuing heading:
"Shows, titles/papers are nice, but the Russian Black Terrier should work!"
On June 29, the NKP was handed over to "Nadz", where our clever, beautiful and athlete Best G… Moreuard Armata (12 months) earned 94 points !!!
Congratulations to Elena Plotkina with this result!
Keep it up, just go ahead!
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Dog show of all breeds rank CAC ChF, Ekaterinburg - 06/30/2019
Experts in the ring: Bobikova V.V. (Russia, Moscow), Agabeyli Zaur in the group (Azerbaijan)
Russkij Me… Moredved` Grand Viktoriya - CAC, CW, ChRKF, BOB, BIG-III.
Congratulations to Svetlana and Vika with a victory !!!!
Very happy daughter success!
Thanks for the curator and grooming Natalia Andreeva
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I think that someone will come more often
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