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Exhibitions – Year 2017.

Black Russian Terrier



The main dog shows of Ukraine, finishing the exhibition season of 2017, –
traditional December International Dog Shows of all breeds

"Kievan Rus 2017"


"Crystal Cup of Ukraine 2017"

were held on December 2 and 3, 2017 in Kiev.

And also the

National Championship of Ukraine on the breed of Russian Black Terrier

was held on December 3, 2017 in Kiev, as part of the exhibition Crystal Cup of Ukraine 2017.

Experts in the ring: Nikola Smolic (Croatia), Paul Stanton (Sweden), Chris Zeniou (Cyprus)


BRT Russkij Medved` Gosudarynya Imperatritsa


Black Russian Terrier - Zordan Black

At all three exhibitions our youngest female star RUSSKIJ MEDVED` GOSUDARYNYA IMPERATRITSA (Tsatsa) (Zordan Black * Ezhevika Yagodka Sokrovische Rusi) at the age of 5 months received the highest marks from experts, having won in competitive struggle baby-males!

We are very pleased with the success of our baby!

Her one-pint brother RUSSKIJ MEDVED 'GUARD was exhibited only at the first exhibition and received an excellent description of the expert and the highest rating of Nikola Smolic (Croatia) – Very Promising, placement 1.

Congratulations to the owners and son with a remarkable debut!


Also pleased with the father of our "little stars" ZORDAN BLACK (Gosha) (Armageddon fon Baron * Samaja Schastlivaja ot Zenitsa Oka) have received the second day on the CACIB in open class, excellent, 3rd place and at the Championship of the BRT in the working class – Excellent, CAC.


Russkij Medved` Gosudarynya Imperatritsa


At all exhibitions

Class: Baby

Rated: «Very Promising», 1 place, «Best baby of breed»!


Zordan Black


"Crystal Cup of Ukraine 2017"

Class: Opened

Rated: «Excellent», 3rd place


Championship of the BRT

Class: Working

Rated: «Excellent», 1 place, CAC


The final shows of the country are always complex and exciting, difficult and responsible, and we are very pleased with the excellent success of our dogs at exhibitions of such a high level.

Congratulations to all participants and winners!


We are very pleased with the successes of our grandchildren – Bagrat-Almaz Son Of The Topaz, Blystavytsya Black Gudzonskiy Jastreb, Bolshaya Udacha Atos Graf De La Fer, Bolshaya Udacha Annabell!

Sincere congratulations to the owners!





On November 4-5, 2017 in Kharkiv, two exhibitions were held:
САС-UA "Kharkov-2017",
FCI-CACIB "Kharkov Cup 2017"

Experts in the ring: Zoya Oleinikova (Ukraine), Denis Kuzelj (Slovenia)


BRT - Utrennjaja Zorja Sokrovische Rusi

Utrennjaja Zorja Sokrovische Rusi


Class: Opened females


 November, 4

Rated: «Excellent», CAC

Champion of Ukraine!


 November, 5

Rated: «Excellent», CAC, CACIB, BOS!

Candidate to Interchampions, Best male of breed


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Breeder – Tatiana Kashuba

Owner, grooming, handling – Elena Lermontova


I thank distinguished experts for high marks and excellent descriptions of my girl!

Special thanks for the photo of Manechka! Photos, as always, wonderful!

Thanks to everyone who was around and supported our girl!



On October 7-8, 2017 in Kharkiv, two exhibitions were held:
FCI-CACIB "The constellation of the big dog" ,
САС-UA "The constellation of the big dog"

Experts in the ring: Karel Horak (Czech Republic), Miklos Levente (Hungary)


BRT - Utrennjaja Zorja Sokrovische Rusi

Utrennjaja Zorja Sokrovische Rusi

The daughter of Mashenka was pleased with the excellent results!


Class: Opened females


 October, 7

Rated: «Excellent», CAC, CACIB, BOS!

Closed the title BBB!


 October, 8

Rated: «Excellent», CAC, ЛС, BOB, BIG-4!


Breeder – Tatiana Kashuba

Owner, grooming, handling – Elena Lermontova

Thanks to the esteemed judges for the evaluation and
excellent descriptions!!!


Video rings


Video 1  Video 2  Video 3  Video 4



On October 7-8, 2017 in Kiev, two exhibitions of CAC-UA took place:
"Kiev Meetings-2017", "Listopad-2017"

and the Club Exhibition "Cup of Amurat"

Experts in the ring: Elena Agafonova (Ukraine), Tatyana Shyjan (Ukraine), Dalibor Antic (Serbia)


Black Russian Terrier - Zordan Black


BRT - Zordan Black

Zordan Black


This year, exhibitions for us were held under the slogan "Taming the Shrew" – our boy Zordan Black (Gosha) we were accustomed to exhibitions.


Thanks to Nadyusha for the help in grooming, Nikita for the skill in handling and Tanyusha and Sasha for the wonderful pictures.

Many thanks to Katerina Pereguda for the hospitality and excellent organization of the exhibitions!


Our "modest" results:

despite everything, at all three exhibitions in the working class Zordan Black has received excellent descriptions, excellent marks, R.CAC and СС!

As for a dog who, at the age of three years, started her exhibition career, I think, the result is a WONDERFUL!


Yes, and we were noticed by many!

Each in its own way and it pleases!


I hope this dog has all the achievements yet to come.


For our friends and breeders a small photo session from the exhibition – our movements, our teeth (which we did not want to show in the ring) and smiles!


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August 26, 2017, Kiev, Ukraine.

Expert in the ring Andrey Kislyakov, all-rounder (Belarus)


BRT - Luchezarnyiy Korol Sokrovische Rusi
Luchezarnyiy Korol Sokrovische Rusi


Class: Champions males

Rated: «Excellent», 1 place, CAC


BRT Luchezarnyiy Korol Sokrovische Rusi


 All photos 


In a difficult competition with such titled rivals as
Matador iz Zvezdnoi Gavani, Uragan Yablunevyi Tsvit, Tchorny Medved Khariton

our King became a Champion class Winner!


Luchezarnyiy Korol EURO DOG SHOW 2017, video 1  Luchezarnyiy Korol EURO DOG SHOW 2017, video 2




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