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Working qualities our dogs and training

Black Russian Terrier

The dog`s mind – this is human`s work!

Black Terrier – one of the top breeds to date to protect the family.

Watchful, alert, able to adequately assess the situation and not only injure the attacker, but also to warn bark furiously. But if necessary, it will bite. This dog is not ostentatious, not a «show» in the sense of training for the defense. Black Terrier applied more dog for dog lovers, for the soul, for a specific purpose – dog-bodyguard, very good and vigilant protector.

Black terrier belongs to a rare breed of dogs that have a unique gift properly evaluate various situations and take appropriate decisions on their own. Always ready to protect the owner and his property without excessive malice, but with dedication, until then, until the danger is past.

November, 2015


Training – Krepyish Chernyiy Bars



The attack of the Black Terrier is serious.


Kennel Sokrovische Rusi training, photo 1  Kennel Sokrovische Rusi training, photo 2


Mind, observation, lightning reaction, speed and power of attack, sometimes insidiousness (this is more typical for bitches), as well as the fact that a black terrier can jump to a height of more than 2 meters makes him a very dangerous opponent!

It is not at all necessary that at the time of the attack Chernysh will “go” to the sleeve offered to him. It can be legs, torso, groin, head, and neck of the person involved – the dog is always looking for the enemy’s weak spots.

Stretching not only ensures Chernysh’s work independently, without a conductor, but also serves as an additional security measure for the person involved.

May-July, 2006


Agent 007  at the working training. We are cadets in the School «Ares».


Black Russian Terrier Kennel «Sokrovische Rusi» training, photo 1  Black Russian Terrier Kennel «Sokrovische Rusi» training, photo 2

July – August, 2006.


As our dogs Agent 007 CP  и  Anisovoe Yablochko CP
fulfill protect of apartment and protect owners presented in a video clip.

Real flat – slippery floor tile.
Therefore, an attacker managed to escape and run away.


Fulfill protect of apartment
Protect owners


Many thanks team trainers school «Ares» and personally Valery B. Wysocki for their professionalism and love for his wards.

Our dogs are working hard enough to protect and defend, but at the same time, are correctly show exhibitions.

Dogs have international working certificate IPO-1, and diplomas "Dog in city" (Wt.DiC).

Black Russian Terrier Kennel «Sokrovische Rusi» training, photo 3


May, 2015, Odessa


Raskat Groma Sokrovische Rusi


Working trial - 1
Working trial - 2


October 20, 2012

The first testing of juniors

The testing was attended by juniors from litters in 2011 and three adults.

Testing has shown that none of the young dogs not show timidity or cowardice. Some hesitation one or two of the youngest at the start of the first test of their lives is quite natural. Attempts to escape or hide behind the owner when attacking figurants of were not.

Sustainability and adequacy of the psyche, higher nervous activity appropriate to the nature of the Black Russian Terrier: after “attack” examinees dogs quickly calm down and not agressive to other people.

In the same and even more of the above applies to adult dogs. Moreover, the adults dogs during the attack, are “manageable”.

You can watch a video report on testing report and full report.

You should know and remember that the skeleton of the Black Terrier is finally formed by 15-18 months, and the character and psyche of the Black Terrier – by two, and sometimes by two and a half years . By this age, Black Russian Terrier fully feels and manifests itself as a "personality", aware of its strength and is able to dispose of it properly.

Prior to that – it is still largely a "child" and, like our human children may be unaccountable, with "the wind in the head".

That is why:

  • actively training to the protection should be started no earlier than at the age of one and a half to two years. And of course, it must be preceded by a full course of training for obedience. You need to be sure that your Chernysh totally controlled and obedient, or of any classes on protective guard duty can not be considered;
  • if you are teaching your young Chernysh obedience school training, where after school activities are carried out in obedience to adult dogs protective guard duty is absolutely forbidden even to show your Chernysh these trainings!
  • look for dog training school, where they know and understand the difference in the character and ability of Black Terrier and all the other working breeds!

Failure to comply with these conditions may result to mental breakdown young dog. This fix is very, very difficult...

Of course, every Black Russian Terrier personality. The nature of dogs determined the genotype and the phenotype, that is, to put it simply the fact that they get from their parents and the environment in which they grow. That one can be at a young age, others - only in older age.

For example, our Velikaya Knyazna Olga Sokrovische Rusi (home name Bertha) was lucky: her both parents – father Agent 007 and mother Alisa s Zazerkaliya stable psyche, excellent working qualities, and her owners - people who love and understanding Black Terrier. Bertha grew up in love, but the rigor, in the family with young children, in the company of other dogs and animals, has repeatedly been engaged in dog shows, fully socialized.

Completed a course of training in obedience and in a fairly young age (1 year 4 months) successfully qualifying standard test for BH, Wt.DiC-2, IPO.

Correct, consistent and complete education of Black Terrier beneficial effect on his psyche and socialization makes Chernysh to fully disclose all embodied in it the nature of the qualities and abilities.

In any situation, it will always behave appropriately, showing a powerful intellect, will fully be what it should be: Black Russian Terrier!


Velikaya Knyazna Olga Sokrovische Rusi

Working trial dogs BH, Wt.DiC-2, ІРО
June 18, 2011, Rivne
Age – 1 year 4 months

Judge Zamlynsky Valery Borisovich, Ukraine.
The judge in the working qualities. Instructor. Figurant.
Kermaster IPO I-III, BH/VT, IPO-VO, IPO ZTP, APr I-III, FPr I-III, UPr I-III, SPr I-III, FH 1-2, IPO-FH, StPr I-III, Wt.DiC 1-2


Black Russian Terrier. Kennel Sokrovische Rusi. Working trial, 1
The “next” (beside, alongside)

Black Russian Terrier. Kennel Sokrovische Rusi. Working trial, 2
“Sit spot”

Black Russian Terrier. Kennel Sokrovische Rusi. Working trial, 3
“Retreive” (Fetch)

Black Russian Terrier. Kennel Sokrovische Rusi. Working trial, 4
Test for protection

Black Russian Terrier. Kennel Sokrovische Rusi. Working trial, 5
Test for protection

Black Russian Terrier. Kennel Sokrovische Rusi. Working trial, 6
After tests

Black Russian Terrier. Kennel Sokrovische Rusi. Working trial, 7
After the test - rest ...

Black Russian Terrier. Kennel Sokrovische Rusi. Working trial, 8
Presentation of the diploma

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