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Video – Black Russian Terrier
Utrennjaja Zorja Sokrovische Rusi

There are: 2 videos.


Video 1

December 23, 2018, Belgorod, Russia.
All-Russian Dog Show of all breeds rank CAC CF «Winter Cup Belgorod»

Utrennjaja Zorja, class Champions - «Excellent», CAC, ChF, BOB!

Champion Federation, Best of breed!,
Champion of Russia!, «Pride of Russia-2»

23 декабря 2018 года, г.Белгород, Россия



Video 2

June 16, 2018, Kharkiv, Ukraine.
The Phoenix Cup 2018

Utrennjaja Zorja,class Champions - 1 place, CAC

Comparison for the best female:

- Otvazhny Voin Doch Apollona

- Varda Vlados Volodari Vsesvitu

- Utrennjaja Zorja - Best female of breed






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