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Educating Black Russian Terrier.
Black Terrier in the family


Talk about the amazing breed of dogs – the Black Russian Terrier, you can very much.

Internet, literature and simple stories of owners and breeders give a general idea of the breed, but still, when faced with many people interested in black terrier, I notice not only the abundance of information, but also, at times, its inconsistency. Therefore, I want to share my observations of my Chernyshs, the dogs of the kennel "Sokrovische Rusi" and try to answer the most important questions that concern people whose choice has settled on acquiring a pet of this breed.

Our dogs

So, the two very first and important questions: the protective qualities and social orientation of the modern Black Terrier.

After all, very many acquire Chernysh for the protection of the family and home. Families with young children and grandparents are very interested in how you can make a formidable guard out of a dog and a loving family pet. I answer: "a loving family pet" needs to be loved and educated only by the whole family, then Chernysh will be selflessly guarding his beloved family. A black terrier is an intelligent and thinking dog that can not be bought with a bowl of food; who wants to love and be loved; which is aimed at the whole family and appreciates the communication with his family.

Our dogs and kidsChernyshs love to travel with their family, play, swim, even sleep in the circle of their human family. Sometimes it seems that this dog is created to love. I think that in a selfless love for his family this breed does not know equals.

But in itself a dog, even having exceptional inclinations, can not be an excellent guard and companion.

To do this, the owner must make efforts, that will return a hundredfold in the love and fidelity of his pet. Everyone goes to the chosen goal in their own way. I will focus only on some points of my work and communication with the Chernyshs.

I will not tell the story of creating the breed in this article, but I will answer only the question, can a black terrier combine guard functions and at the same time perform well at exhibitions? Yes, of course it can, because exhibitions socialize the dog, give it the experience of communication and behavior in different situations with a huge number of people and dogs, develop the ability to understand how to behave correctly not only on your house or apartment, but also in transport , a car, at an exhibition, etc. The full volume of its great intelligence, the black terrier shows only when it receives a comprehensive and harmonious education, and not just training on the area in obedience and protection.

Our dogs and children

Black Terrier is not just a smart dog, it's a very clever dog.

We are educated our Chernysh from childhood accustomed to the initially benevolent attitude to people, thereby laying the foundation for a correct understanding of many situations that a dog will face in life. So that, seeing the child running towards us, our heart does not freeze from fear and we knew that the dog will understand that it is a child who does not pose a danger and carefully and carefully treated him.

Our dogs are often approached at exhibitions with the request to touch them, pat and take pictures with the whole family. Our dogs And we never deny people, because a real guard must be an intelligent and socialized dog, able to accurately distinguish and understand the various situations, instantly switch and be completely predictable. Participation in exhibitions, socialization and adequate treatment of people does not reduce our dogs' guard functions, but makes them not only guards, but also high-intellectual friends who can understand many difficult situations and make the right decision when and how to act.

There is a steady opinion that dogs, who participation in exhibitions are worse guard, and due to their loyalty to the expert and to people and do not know how to protect the owner and property.

This is a big misconception, which probably came up with an excuse for those dog owners who do not want to bother themselves with participation in exhibitions, or having an externally simple dog live according to the principle of Aesop's fable, saying that grapes are green.

Exhibition dogs are the standard of the breed, and the standard in everything: both in the exterior, and in the psyche, and in the guard.

Our dogs Therefore, mono-breeds of black terriers are testing the psyche of dogs, which I think is very correct and important, because a harmonious dog is the dream of every breeder and owner, and this can only be achieved by labor; it's not it is in vain considered that the mind of a dog is the labor of a person.

One of the main virtues of the breed is her unselfish love for the family, for all its members and not just for the owner.

About this side of Chernysh's life you can read in the article Black Russian Terrier and children – a personal experience

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