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 Guard quality Black Terrier: thank you, Frant!
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Guard quality Black Russian Terrier - thank`s Frant!


Night, everybody sleeps a sound, morning sleep. I wake up from a piercing look. This is Frant ...

I look at the clock, only 500 in the morning, and again try to fall asleep… Frant continues to insistently look at me point blank, and I understand: something is wrong. Lying in bed, sorting through the head with what the dog was fed… Everything seems to be as usual, there should be no surprises. But since I woke up, I decided to drink some water. As soon as I stepped on the floor, Frant began pushing me toward the door, rubbing me like a cat, putting his front paws on my shoulders… in general, he behaved strangely. When he simply asks for the street - he is calm and exacting, and here SUCH A RAPID ENERGY AND REQUIREMENTS! I was genuinely surprised, quickly dressed and went out with him.

Going outside, Frant began to call me inside the courtyard (our car was standing there), but we didn’t walk him there - this is his own yard! I led him the other way. He quickly spotted a nearby bush and again insistently began to call me into the yard. I sincerely got angry: is that ALL? And for that, he raised me at 500 in the morning ?! But Frant was so convincing that I went after him.

Approaching the car - I could not believe my eyes! The front right side window was broken! And just broken! If we had left a little later, or had Frant not woken me, there would have been no car! And it was incomprehensible! And Frant, being next to the car, clearly continued to be nervous and bypassing the perimeter he “brought” a man to me…

I must say that Frant is a silent dog and he does everything silently, and we have not yet passed the training courses for dogs to guard or detain him… A sullen old man walked on bent legs followed behind by Frant. Walking closer to me, he timidly asked if this is my dog and can I pick it up? Frant did not bark, did not growl - just stood, and looked into his eyes… And only I knew that with any threat on his part, Frant would attack with lightning speed. The man said that he lives nearby (a couple of blocks from us) and he has insomnia, so he walks around night Kiev. I “interrogated” him and, since there was nothing to show him to me, I let him go. I called the police, the insurance and it all started.

It is worth saying that we live on the 16th floor in a very busy courtyard - constantly fireworks, firecrackers, car alarms periodically roar, students “have fun”, in general, life is raging and Frant is used to extraneous noise and does not respond to them.

But how did he know that it was precisely this night that the theft of our car was planned and he was able to wake me up in advance, lift me up and convince me to approach the car - and to this day remains a mystery to me!

Bravo, Frant!!!

Black terrier - this is an amazing breed that is equally convenient to maintain both in the city and in a private house.

The main condition for happiness for them is to be near, to love and protect their masters! Loyal, silent, lightning fast, strong and powerful creatures with an incomprehensible instinct and delicacy!

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Olga Zhitskaya, owner
Black Russian Terrier
Borodatyi Frant Sokrovische Rusi


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