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Black Russian Terrier and children – a personal experience


Many families in which there are small children, or families waiting for "replenishment", do not imagine how you can have such a large dog, like the Black Terrier, in the house and at the same time pay attention to the child. But this is not difficult at all, and does not interfere with one another.

In our family the Black Terrier appeared shortly before the birth of the child, and the child does not imagine how it is – live without dogs and cats – Her friends, who allow this little man to do with himself whatever she wants.

At the moment we have 2 black terriers and 2 cats in the house, which the child simply adores.

Now our daughter is 4 years old, and how much emotion and joy when she has the opportunity to go with the black in the ring at the dog show in the contest "Child and Dog", or just watch your dogs in the ring.

And when they ask me – Am I afraid to leave a child with such huge dogs? – I answer, NO, because the best nurse and imagine difficult. When the first dog came running to the crying baby, when she was a 6 month old puppy herself, with a toy in her mouth, all the questions on this matter were gone by themselves.

Growing up with a dog, the child learns responsibility not only for himself, but also for his friend. And it does not matter what size you have a dog, big or small, it all depends on the owner: who he will grow from his pet …

Talking about the theme of life in one house child's and the Black Terrier can be endless. For our family is black & ndash; this is a big shaggy friend, companion, a dog with a huge loving heart that loves and adores us, and also protects its great human flock.

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