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About your black terriers from kennel «Sokrovische Rusi»


Who can be better than the Black Terrier?
Only TWO Black Terriers!

I am grateful to fate for the fact that in my life appeared black terriers from Tatyana Kashuba. They are smart and healthy, strong, hardy dogs with even and strong psyche. With pronounced intellectual abilities, thinking.

It’s like a machine with an automatic transmission, cruise and climate control, the presence of which ensures a pleasant and comfortable journey through life! No, of course there are many drivers who prefer a manual gearbox in a car, but that's not my story.

So now I have Eric (5 years) and Ezhenika (8 months) They are typically bright representatives of breeding dogs of Tatyana Kashuba. Smart and beautiful - and the latter is also important when you live in the city center, in an apartment. When we go out into the street, everyone admires them, smiles, greets them, says that only when they look at them the mood rises. And odes to their brains and protective abilities I can sing for a long time.

I have been living in Fastov for about seven years, and all this time I have been with my dog at the Treasure of Russia kennel. I can easily walk at any time of the day with dogs on a free range, leave them at home with a seriously ill mother, who may not correctly push them away.


My Black Terriers after a 15 km walk

I can ride minibuses and electric trains with two dogs at once, I can stop them "in flight" and at the same time we did not visit the playground, etc. – my dogs don’t need it… They are socialized, friendly, but absolutely guarded. I am sure that all owners of Tatyana Kashuba’s dogs will agree with me and everyone has something to tell from their lives.

Tatyana, thank you for your mind, health, grace and strength in the person of yours – and already of mine, dogs!

In the photo – my dogs were pretty much running along the green grass in January. (15km. This affected my pedometer, much more on them).

Olga Zhitskaya, owner. 



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