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About our BRT kennel

Our kennel Black Russian Terriers Sokrovische Rusi established and registered in February 2007 in the FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale) in Belgium under number 271/07 and has an international accreditation.

In his professional activity our kennel adheres to the principle of linear breeding, based on the consolidation and improvement of the best qualities of the founders of our breed dogs: strong nervous system, excellent working qualities, physical health.

Particular attention is paid to the exterior, health and working quality of the resulting offspring.

We also participate in exhibitions - our puppies, juniors and adult dogs frequently display at the exhibitions of regional and international class.

Black Terriers our kennel live in many cities of Ukraine and abroad the US, the Netherlands, England, Scotland, Russia.

Our dogs are awarded the title "Best of the Best of Breed in Ukraine":
Banga Sokrovische Rusi  Sokrovisha Zemli Russkoy Agat  Utrennjaja Zorja Sokrovische Rusi

Our dogs are worthy of their famous ancestors, confident in winning national rings and rings in the international class!

Black Russian Terrier. Kennel Sokrovische Rusi
Awarded Diploma

The team of our nursery seeks to contribute to the development and popularize this unique domestic breed.

We are working not only in the direction of the show, but also in developing
and maintaining working qualities of our dogs.


In not hot weather we with our dogs moving for the whole day "to the fields", where our pets can practice in the open air (video archive).

Awarded Diploma
Black Russian Terrier. Kennel Sokrovische Rusi

Our dogs - descendants of the famous Black Russian Terriers in Russia and Ukraine.

On this page we present you the famous ancestors of our dogs, who entered the history of breeds and who will be proud of for many generations of breeders and owners of black terriers.

It is well-known representatives in many countries, kennels:

"Ot Zenitsa Oka" (Russia),   "Chigasovo" (Russia),   "Russkaya Dinastiya" (Russia),   "Chernaya Staya" (Russia),
"Malahovskiy" (Russia),   "Zolotoy Grad" (Russia),   "Deneb-Keitos" (Russia)  and  other.
Black Russian Terrier
Ole Kassandra Layk, 1990
World Winner `95,
2 x Vice World Winner `94, `97

Champion: Belgium, Russia
-1, -1
Black Russian Terrier
Germiona Bars, 1994
Champion , Grand Champion of Russia
Champion: Belarus, Bulgaria, Moldova, Russia, Estonia, RKF;
2 x , , , ;
-1, -1, T-1
Black Russian Terrier
Umkar Maks Ter Porsh, 1994
Champion Russia
-1, -1
Black Russian Terrier
Lyalya Chernaya Oleks iz Chernoy Stai, 1994
World Winner `00,  Vice World Winner `98
2 x Vice Europe Winner
Junior World Winner `95
InterChampion,  Grand Champion of Russia
Champion: Baltics, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, RKF, Finland
-1, -1
Black Russian Terrier
Kris, 1995
3 x World Winner `99,`00,`01,
3 x Europe Winner `00,`01,`02,   Vice Europe Winner `99

InterChampion,  3 x Champion , 3 x Champion
Champion: Russia, Baltics, Belarus, Georgia, Denmark, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania,
Luxembourg, Mexico, Moldova, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Estonia
-1, -1
Black Russian Terrier
Gosha ot Zenitsa Oka, 1996
Champion Russia
-1, -1
Black Russian Terrier
Jashka Malahovskiy iz Russkoy Dynastii, 1996
World Winner `03,   2 x Vice World Winner `98,`00,
Europe Winner `99,   Vice Europe Winner `00

InterChampion,  Grand Champion of Russia
Champion: Russia, RKF, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Baltics
-1, -1, -1
Black Russian Terrier
Jasno Solnishko iz Russkoy Dynastii, 1996
3 x World Winner `98, `99, `01,
2 x Europe Winner `99, `01

3 x Champion ,
3 x Champion

Champion of many countries ...
Black Russian Terrier
Arseniy Tref, 1996
Junior World Winner `98
Champion Russia
-1, -1
Black Russian Terrier
Glafira ot Zenitsa Oka, 1996
1 x BIG, 2 x CAC, 1 x BOB
Black Russian Terrier
Jaroslav Mudriy iz Russkoy Dynastii, 1996
Champion , 2 x Champion
Champion: Lithuania, Russia, the Great Ring, Eurasia, Dmitrov
-1, -1
Black Russian Terrier
Kait Krait, 1997
Vice World Winner `03
Champion ,
Champion: Belarus, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Lithuania, Luxembourg,
Monaco, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Estonia
IPO-1, -1, -1, T-1, HD-A
Black Russian Terrier
Barbara Baskaya, 1997
World Winner `06 - Winner of Best veteran
Poznan, Poland
1 x Res.CAC, 8 x , 11 x CW, 5 x BIS.V, 3 x BIS.V-II, 1 x BIS.V-III
Black Russian Terrier
Germes Klayf ot Feri, 1997
Grand Champion of Ukraine, Moldova
Champion: Russia, Ukraine
Dmitrov medalist 2001,2003;  Eurasia 2001
Best producer 2001-2003
Black Russian Terrier.
Nord Praid Primadonna Malahovskaya, 1999
World Winner `02, Vice Europe Winner `00
Champion , Champion , Grand Champion of Russia
Champion Baltii, Belarus, Holland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia,
Romania, Ukraine, Finland, Estonia, Centr.&East Europe, 2 RKF
-1, -1, T-1
 . Ledogor iz Russkoy Dynastii
Ledogor iz Russkoy Dynastii, 1999
Champion , Grand Champion of Russia
Champion of: Baltii, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Romania, Ukraine,
Serbia & Montenegro, Croatia, Estonia, RKF, 2 x , , , ;
IPO-1, -1, -1
   In the UCI system (United kennel Clubs International)
   World Winner `02, Owner Cup of Russia `02
Black Russian Terrier
Agasha Umnitsa ot Zenitsa Oka, 1999
-2, -1
Black Russian Terrier
Anka-Atamanka iz Russkoy Dynastii, 2000
Europe Winner `05,
Vice Europe Winner `03

2 x Champion , 2 x Champion ,
Champion: Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovakia,
Ukraine, Estonia
-1, -1
Black Russian Terrier. Kennek Sokrovische Rusi. Baloven Sudby ot Zenitsa Oka
Baloven Sudby ot Zenitsa Oka, 2001
MultiChampion, Super Grand Champion of Ukraine,
2 x Grand Champion of Ukraine, Grand Champion of Belarus,
Ukrainian Winner

Champion: Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania,
San Marino,  2 x The candidate to Champions of France,  2 x Champion Kiev
Black Russian Terrier. Sibirski Medved Razgulyay Stavr Godinovich
Sibirski Medved Razgulyay Stavr Godinovich, 2001
2 Champion , Grand Champion Russia
Champion: Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, RKF;
3 x , , ;
IPO-1, -1, -1, -1
Black Russian Terrier. Malahovskiy Razgulyay
Malahovskiy Razgulyay, 2003
Europe Winner `06
Champion , Champion , Junior Champion
Champion: Belarus, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Finland,
Junior Champion Russia
-1, -1, -1

- The International Breed Club
- The National Breed Club;
-1, -2 - obedience training;
-1, -2 - protection dog training course;
-1, -2 - testing the behavior of dogs;
- All-Russian Association of Independent Unions of Public Cynological;
- Russia Federation service dog;
- Russia Federation of amateur dog;
- Russia Federation of hunting dog;

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