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Russian Black Terrier

FCI No.271/07

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BRT Kennel Sokrovische Rusi

About us

Many years ago we bought two lovely black terrier puppies. The puppies grew up and we went to the show. First hopes and awards, first success... Exhibition activities are exciting! The dogs have matured, become Champions of several countries. And we decided to create a kennel of Black Russian Terriers... read more

Our dogs

Now the Blackies of our breeding live not only in Ukraine, but also in many countries of the world: USA, Great Britain, Scotland, Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Poland, Czech, Croatia, Serbia, Israel, Egypt, South Africa, Moldova, Russia, Philippines, Thailand.

About breed

Show, companion, sportsman, security guard, nanny for children. Selflessly devoted to their family. A remarkable mind. They are able to correctly assess the current events and independently make adequate decisions. Distrustful of outsiders. One of the best breeds of service dogs for guarding and protecting family and home... read more

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