BRT kennel «Sokrovische Rusi»


Black Russian Terrier – year 2015

19-09-2015,  Kremenchug, Ukraine
  Certificate dog show CAC-UA «CUP »

Ýêñïåðò Audrone Babianskiene , Lithuania
Derianur Sokrovische Rusi
  Class Opened, males.
  Rated «Excellent», I Place, CAC


28 - August 30, 2015 in Kiev held a 3-day CACIB

28/08/2015  International Dog Show FCI-CACIB «Zolotaya Pectoral'-2015»

    Expert Dainora Sudeikiene, Lithuania

29/08/2015  International Dog Show FCI-CACIB «Zlato Skifov-2015»

    Expert Anne Sume, Estonia

30/08/2015  International Dog Show FCI-CACIB «Sofia Kyivska-2015»

    Expert Ramune Kazlauskaite, Lithuania
Our kennel was represented by two dogs: Prints Naslednyiy and Naslednitsa Prestola.
BRT, Prints Naslednyiy Sokrovische Rusi

Prints Naslednyiy Sokrovische Rusi
participated in all the exhibitions:
28/08/2015 – Class Intermedia, males
Rated: «Excellent», I place, CAC, R.CACIB
29/08/2015 – Class Intermedia, males.
Rated: «Excellent», II place, R.CAC
30/08/2015 – Class Intermedia, males.
Rated: «Excellent», II place, R.CAC
BRT, Naslednitsa Prestola Sokrovische Rusi

Naslednitsa Prestola Sokrovische Rusi
took part in two exhibitions:
29/08/2015 – Class Intermedia, females.
Rated: «Excellent», I place
30/08/2015 – Class Opened, females.
Rated: «Excellent», III place
  Zhelannyj syn Kudijara Sokrovische Rusi
took part in two exhibitions:
28.08.2015 – Class Opened males
Îöåíêè: «Excellent», I place, CAC
30.08.2015 – Class Opened males
Îöåíêè: «Excellent», III place

Video - Prints Naslednyiy Sokrovische Rusi So for you admire the smoothness of movement and expression of the dog we offer you video of Prints Naslednyiy Sokrovische Rusi training the day before the exhibition.

This video specially made a 2-fold slowing down to better see the movement of this beautiful and wonderful dog. Enjoy watching!


08-09-2015,  Uman, Ukraine
  Certificate Dog Show CAC-UA «UMAN-2015»

Expert Anna Rogowska, Poland
Black Russion Terrier, Derianur Sokrovische Rusi

Derianur Sokrovische Rusi
Class Opened, males.
Rated «Excellent», I place, CAC, BOS
   Best male of breed!
Black Russion Terrier, Lukavaya Bestiya Sokrovische Rusi Lukavaya Bestiya Sokrovische Rusi
Class Opened, ñóêè.
Rated «Îòëè÷íî», I place, CAC


08-09.08.2015, Uzhgorod, Ukraine.  International dog show  2 õ FCI-CACIB

09.08.2015, «Zakarpatie-2015»

08.08.2015, «Zhemchuzhina Karpat-2015»

Black Russion Terrier, Sofiya Kievskaya Sokrovische Rusi Sofiya Kievskaya Sokrovische Rusi
Class Junior, females.
Rated, both days

«Excellent», II place

Congratulations on your debut!



26-07-2015,  ã.Kiev, Ukraine
  Certificate dog show all breeds CAC-UA «KUBOK LIDERA»

Expert Galyna Kalinichenko, Ukraine
Black Russion Terrier, Zhelannyj syn Kudijara Sokrovische Rusi Zhelannyj syn Kudijara Sokrovische Rusi
Class Opened, males.
Rated «Excellent», I place, CAC





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